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Kenneth Cole

Launched in 1982 Kenneth Cole planned to showcase his new line of shoes during market week at the Hilton New York Hotel.  Finding that he could not afford to purchase a showroom to exhibit his line, he borrowed a truck and asked the mayor for permission to park on the busy streets of New York.  Upon Learning that permits were only granted to utility companies and production companies.  Cole changed the name of the company to Kenneth Cole Productions. Inc.  He then applied for a permit to shoot a full-length motion picture entitled “The Birth of a Shoe Company”.  It is with this unusual start that Kenneth Cole had launched a name brand ready to stand the test of time.

For over 30 years, Kenneth Cole Productions Inc. has bee one of the world’s most recognized fashion companies. Insperation for his designs can be linked to his socially conscious and often controversial views on the world.  As found in the Men’s and Women’s lines you will see rich textured materials, classic silhouettes and a impeccable attention to detail.  these elements are incorporated into his Children’s shoes with strong attention to kid friendly fit features.

“What you stand for is more important than what you stand in” – Kenneth Cole